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What sets us apart from the other guys? We have outstanding people! The difference is the talented and dedicated individuals that make up our team.

With a team of top talent from multiple disciplines and diverse technical capabilities, Advantus360 offers leading IT Security and exceptional service to our customers across all our departments. Our company is made up of individuals who have come together under shared personal values; encouraging honesty, innovation, and hard work.

team-regan.jpgRegan Herbst

Co-Founder - Director of Sales & Marketing

Regan Herbst is co-founder of Advantus360 and Director of Sales & Marketing. With over 25 years of experience helping organizations maximize the use of security and networking technology, Regan is the go-to for business leadership, marketing, vision and strategy. Helping clients protect critical digital assets and fostering strategic objectives is Regan’s passion. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and 20+ years in designing and deploying technical solutions, Regan’s synergized approach assists our clients to achieve both business and technical goals.  

team-icon-linkedin.png    team-icon-fun-facts.png

  • Enthusiastic Drummer (Loves to play rock n’ roll and heavy metal from the 80’s to early 2000’s)
  • Considered the family fashion consultant - At least this is what his daughters say!
  • Taught college level Micro and Macro Economics prior to starting his career in IT (exciting right!)
  • Avid sports fan – especially CFL & NHL
  • Loves to hit the slopes snowboarding
  • Keen interest in cars and auto racing

team-stefan.jpgStefan Herbst

Co-Founder - Director of Service Delivery

Stefan Herbst is co-founder of Advantus360 and Director of Service Delivery. Stefan leads the Service Delivery team and provides architecture, design, and deployment services.  Stefan is an expert in IT strategy and owns the master processes for design, build, and test of all projects and services. Prior to his role at Advantus360, Stefan spent several years in a security operations role before migrating into security architecture and design consultancy for a wide variety of customers throughout North America. Stefan holds PCNSE & PCNSC certifications and has seven years of extensive Palo Alto experience. 

team-icon-linkedin.png    team-icon-fun-facts.png

  • Completed one of the first Palo Alto installations in Western Canada
  • Grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan. Still likes to break a sweat and do some real work once and awhile
  • Has two small boys that provide a challenge greater than any IT security problem…
  • Plays a wee bit of guitar
  • Early career in recording studios and live sounds for concerts
  • Loves road trips

team-marci.jpgMarci Herbst

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Marci Herbst is co-founder of Advantus360 and Chief Financial Officer, leading all legal and financial aspects of the organization. Marci has exceptional attention to detail, as well as a sharp mind for numbers and information. Advising Advantus360 on making strategic financial decisions and planning, Marci gets things done and is suitably nicknamed -The Hammer. Marci attended the “School of Life”, gaining vast experience in both the insurance and financial planning industry, specializing in accounting and finance for over 25 years.

team-icon-linkedin.png    team-icon-fun-facts.png

  • Special talents are logistics and packing – you should see how she can pack a trailer for a camping trip with 4 people, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a bird!!
  • Loves horses (fulfilling childhood dream of Barrel Racing)
  • Avid collector of books (more of an addiction)
  • Anything artsy, especially painting
  • Very talented painter - including large murals

team-jennifer.jpgJennifer Thorne

Account Manager

Jennifer Thorne is the Account Manager at Advantus360. Jennifer is an expert relationship builder with an infectious energetic and positive approach. She is passionate about finding the right solution for our customers. Jennifer has had extensive sales experience over her career, including publishing, pharmaceuticals/biotech, and software solutions. Prior to her sales roles, Jennifer was in Education and taught high school in Ontario. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Physical Education, and a number of courses specific to Business, Marketing, and Computer programming.

team-icon-linkedin.png    team-icon-fun-facts.png

  • Swims with Calgary Masters Swim Club
  • Hiking, downhill and cross country skiing
  • Luged on the National team
  • Ironman Triathlon and multiple marathon finisher
  • Recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Enjoys gardening
  • Loves the Arts
  • Enjoys friends and Travel
  • Board of Director for Prostaid Calgary

team-jawad.jpgJawad Faddoul

IT Security Engineer

Jawad Faddoul is an IT Security Engineer for the Service Delivery team. Jawad has over 15 years of experience in the IT Security industry. Jawad has remarkable task management capabilities along with good understanding of high-level goals, this allows Jawad to attend to various customers needs while ensuring the initiative is on track and successful. Prior to his role at Advantus360, Jawad spent several years at a managed security services provider. Jawad has worked as a system/network engineer and then as a solution architect consultant for a major telecom and data center service provider. Jawad has his Masters in Engineering, holds PCNSE & PCNSC certifications, and has three years of extensive Palo Alto experience.

team-icon-linkedin.png    team-icon-fun-facts.png

  • Only makes girls (got 3 so far)
  • Knew every country, capital and flag by age of 5, but now only remembers a handful of them
  • Enjoys the outdoors and beaches
  • Into skiing, jogging, tennis, and yoga
  • Loves traveling and getting to learn about new cultures

team-norman.jpgNorman Christopher-Knight

IT Security Engineer

Norman Christopher-Knight is an IT Security Engineer for the Service Delivery team. Norm has over 20 years of experience in the IT Security industry. Norman has an outstanding consistent and thorough approach to service delivery, this combined with his comprehensive documentation always leaves the customer satisfied and well informed of the solution. Prior to his role at Advantus360, Norm spent several years with a managed service provider consulting in Active Directory, Exchange and Microsoft Systems architecture and management. Norm has a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Management of Information Systems, holds PCNSE & PCNSC certifications, and has three years of extensive Palo Alto experience.

team-icon-linkedin.png    team-icon-fun-facts.png

  • Dedicated weight trainer
  • Enjoys recreational ball hockey and other sports
  • Spending time with family
  • AKA Advantus360’s Bodyguard
  • Known in the office for his love for second lunch – recruiting supporters!
  • A fan of geeky movies
  • Continues the Caribbean tradition of loud and cutthroat Dominoes playing with family and friends

team-paul.jpgPaul Teixeira

IT Security Engineer

Paul Teixeira is an IT Security Engineer for the Service Delivery team. Paul provides network management design, deployment, and customization services. Paul is the go-to for programming and automation. Paul is an exceptional problem solver, this is a huge advantage to our customers, and allows Paul to be successful in complex and dynamic environments. Prior to his role at Advantus360, Paul was actively involved in application development and malware forensics. Paul has his Object Oriented Software Development certificate, holds PCNSE & PCNSC certifications, and has four years of extensive Palo Alto experience.

team-icon-linkedin.png    team-icon-fun-facts.png

  • Been programing since 12 years young
  • Built racing quadcopter
  • Skilled framer with a history of large home builds
  • Competitor in the Alberta Winter Games in Archery
  • Dabbles in algorithmic trading, cryptocurrencies, and machine learning
  • Interests include avoiding people

team-gibson-mike.jpgMike Gibson

JR IT Security Engineer

Mike Gibson is a JR IT Security Engineer for the Service Delivery team. Mike’s experience in the IT industry is based on tactical real-world implementation and testing of security systems. Prior to his role at Advantus360, Mike spent many years at a nationwide organization implementing and managing their cybersecurity program. Mike currently holds PCNSE and Certified Ethical Hacker certifications and is passionate about security and technology.

team-icon-linkedin.png    team-icon-fun-facts.png

  • Proud Nerd
  • Life-long learner
  • Driven to serve and help others
  • Passion for Technology – eat, sleep, breathe tech!
  • Trained Muay Thai in Thailand
  • Travel hacker - 30 + adventures in 5 years
  • Two fur children: Kyuss (Mutt) and Trouble (Border Collie/Great Pyrenees)

team-ashley.jpgAshley Anderson

Marketing Specialist

Ashley Anderson is a developing Marketing Specialist with a passion for creating customer value and building customer relationships. Ashley utilizes her strong communication skills and creative talent, founded in her excellent research and analytical ability, to develop and enhance the organizational marketing objectives. In her role as Marketing Specialist, Ashley supports Advantus360 in the marketing plan and strategy, content development and management, executing effective marketing campaigns and first-class event coordination. Prior to her role at Advantus360, Ashley spent several years as an entrepreneur. Ashley has a Diploma in Business with a Marketing focus.

team-icon-linkedin.png    team-icon-fun-facts.png

  • Seeker of knowledge, lifelong learner – getting “schooled” everyday by her two munchkins
  • Trained and competed in multiple equestrian disciplines
  • A love for animals and the outdoors
  • Art, decorating, and music
  • Amateur woodworker – building custom and refinishing furniture
  • Travelling and adventuring