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AlgoSec, takes a business-driven approach to security management: helping enterprises align network security with their business processes. AlgoSec is an automation solution for network security policy management that delivers end-to-end visibility and analysis of the network security infrastructure (including firewalls, routers and cloud security groups), as well as business applications and their connectivity flows across cloud, SDN and on-premise enterprise networks. With AlgoSec’s solutions, you can automate time-consuming security-policy changes with zero touch, proactively assess risk and ensure continuous compliance, quickly provision, modify, migrate and decommission network connectivity for business applications to speed up delivery into production, and much more.

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As a Gold partner Advantus360 is committed to attaining and sustaining the highest levels of Algosec knowledge and service capabilities. This commitment requires Advantus360 to maintain Certified AlgoSec Security Professionals.

Advantus360 maintains lab and emulation capabilities of AlgoSec solutions that are available to customers.

Why AlgoSec?

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Business & Technical Outcomes

  • Strengthen cybersecurity posture by reducing your attack surface
  • Brings modern agility to security policy management
  • Avoid costly outages from wrongly configured network devices
  • Ensure continuous compliance and reduce the risk of audit failure
  • Tie cyber threats to business processes to gain boardroom mindshare
  • Address the security talent shortage with intelligent automation

Procurement & Management Benefits
(Licenses, Service, Support)

Advantus360 is an outcome based organization with a focus on business enablement, risk reduction, digital transformation and return on investment. By combining our service driven principles with procurement capabilities clients receive a quicker ROI, reduction in operational risk and greater business benefits.

  • Advantus360 provides predictable renewal and licensing costs. Advantus360 proactively inventories security devices before they proliferates your OT/IT/Cloud environments.
  • As your integration and automation specialists Advantus360 delivers proactive visibility into license exhaustion.
  • Utilizing industry knowledge and data Advantus360 provides investment advice and valuable guidance on future states of technology.