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ADVANTUS360's broad range of services are well positioned to cover all your cyber defense requirements.

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ADVANTUS360 can give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your loss prevention and risk mitigation needs.

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Stop endpoint attacks before they get started.

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Ask yourself this question...

Is your business continually challenged with compliancy requirements, managing too many vendors, maximizing availability, and high infrastructure and operating costs? Traps could be the solution for you!
  • Traps helps your organization stay safe by stopping known and unknown attacks, exploits, and ransomware without disrupting your business.
  • You can eliminate security gaps and reduce costs with an integrated security platform with real time prevention; reduce your infrastructure costs using flexible cloud deployment of Traps.
  • Traps stops threats on the endpoint and coordinates enforcement to eliminate gaps in cloud and network security to prevent successful cyberattacks.
  • Traps minimizes endpoint infections by blocking malware, exploits, and ransomware while integration with your security platform delivers additional threat analysis, shared intelligence, and automated containment.


Don't become a statistic...

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