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Threat Intelligence Service (Autofocus)

Threat Intelligence Service Graphic 1.pngAutofocus is a Threat intelligence service that identifies important attacks through additional information and context. It centralizes threat data and applies both unique statistical and human intelligence analysis.

Autofocus allows the security operator to:

  • Add contextual data around the threat to understand which tools and methods they are using
  • Automatically highlight the specific IOCs within each attack that are most unique and targeted
  • Start with important indicators and pivot to other attacks using AutoFocus

Finally,  AutoFocus makes it actionable by creating strong proactive security measures based on the analysis. integration with Palo Alto Networks platforms, as well as third-party security devices allows for the  automatic importations of these indicator sets to automatically block malicious IP address and build a “set” of malicious indicators (not just IPs), that can be blocked by your security devices.

Threat Intelligence Service Graphic 2.png