With a team of top talent from multiple disciplines, ADVANTUS360 develops and delivers comprehensive IT security solutions. ADVANTUS360 endeavors to truly understand both our client’s business and technical environments, then develops capable solutions on site or in our custom lab. 

Taking a holistic view allows ADVANTUS360 to provide high quality security services with greater efficiency and minimal disruption to business operations.  ADVANTUS360 builds strong relationships with clients, vendors and the community focusing on partnership and education.

“We believe technology should help, not hinder.”


A selection of our comprehensive services

High Quality - Comprehensive - Transparent Process - Clear communication

Business Enablement

  • Enterprise Security Management
  • Planning & Advisory Services
  • Risk Reporting & Management
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Policies & Procedures

Active Defense

  • Threat Detection, Defense & Prevention
  • System Health Reporting & Monitoring
  • Visibility, Reporting, Controls
  • Comprehensive Incident Response
  • Business Continuity Management


  • Advanced Feature Enablement
  • Product & Technology Integration
  • Change Impact Management
  • Security as a Service (SaaS)
  • Custom Solutions


Financial Data Center Threat Prevention

Design and deployment of a threat mitigation solution to support production and development environments.

Utilities Data Center Firewall and Threat Prevention

The design, testing and deployment of a multi-trust level security solution to support virtualization, disaster recovery, external partner communication and process control integration.

International Airport Perimeter Security

Design, test and deployment of a threat and malware protection solution to support a 7x24x365 airport operation.

Online Retailer Data Center Security

Design and implementation of an application aware firewall and malware solution serving a North American online retail client

Internet Telephony Application Security

Securing of a North American internet telephony service providers infrastructure

Application and Security Profiling and Testing

Evaluate application performance and security risk for a client entrusted with public safety


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